Below you can find information for services that do not need a referral from a GP - you can refer to these services yourself. 


The continence care service provides and supports anyone over the age of four with bladder or bowel dysfunction. We also actively promote continence and manage incontinence by providing written information, education, treatment, management and support to patients, their carers and to healthcare staff responsible for their care.

When an individual has been identified as having bladder and/or bowel dysfunction, an assessment should be commenced by a suitably trained healthcare professional to identify the nature and extent of the dysfunction, and recommend and advise on an appropriate programme of care.

There is open referral to the service which means, they can be made by an individual, relative, carer, community nurse, ward nurse, care home staff, GP, consultant, or by social services. You can contact our service by calling 01634 337475 Monday to Wednesday, 01634 297061 on Thursday and Friday


To book your pregnancy care you do not need a referral from your doctor. You can refer yourself to have your baby at Medway by simply completing the online referral form in the above link.

If you do not hear from the midwifery team within two weeks of completing your self-referral, please contact us on the following telephone numbers (according to your home address):

·         Castle team (Rochester/Strood/Hoo Peninsula): 01634 717755

·         All Saints team (Chatham/Walderslade/Lordswood): 01634 337470

·         Riverside team (Gillingham, St Marys Island, Rainham, Upchurch): 01634 382108

·         Swale team (Newington/Sittingbourne/Sheppey): 01795 879100

Tissue Viability

(accessed by online referral or by filling out the form they can send via post - phone 01634 382767)

Patients within the following category may benefit from this service:

·         Complex wounds

·         Pressure damage

·         Leg ulcer management.

Wound Clinic

01634 382247:- ring direct to get booked in

Patients requiring the following may benefit from this service:

·         Suture and Clip Removal following Surgery

·         Treatment of burns and scalds (following assessment at hospital)

·         Treatment of all wounds

·         Post-surgical and post-trauma wound care

·         Treatment of chronic wounds

·         Pilonidal and Perianal wound care and management

·         Application of Topical Negative Pressure treatment

·         Doppler Ultrasound assessment of the legs

·         Conservative Sharp Debridement (removal of dead skin with a scalpel)

·         Treatment of patients with diabetic foot ulcers

·         Advice for all healthcare professionals and carers caring for patients with a Medway GP who have wounds

·         Work experience/shadowing for students and qualified staff in wound care

·         Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

Ophthalmology – Eye Conditions

Can self-refer via this link for minor eye conditions such as:

·         Entropion, ectropion, in growing eye lash

·         Mild blepharitis

·         Watery eyes

·         Dry eyes

·         Challazion / cysts

·         Corneal Conditions: such as small corneal foreign bodies or superficial abrasions

·         Vitreous and retina: Flashers and floaters (emergency referral if retinal tear)


*Do not need a card*

Go to ‘Patient Information’ then ‘Self Refer’ then click on blue text

IAPT - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

Criteria of conditions:

  • Trauma
  • Anger
  • Phobias – feeling scared of certain situations or things like spiders, confined spaces, needles etch
  • Obsessions and compulsions – being excessively bothered by recurring unwanted thoughts, or doing certain things like excessive washing of hands, checking of things.
  • Feeling that you are not coping with life events such as childbirth, redundancy, illness or injury
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Unresolved issues from your past

Can refer in by Phone – 0300 029 300 or email  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via GP

Turning Point – Medway Active Recovery Service

Medway Active Recovery Service (MARS) is an integrated drug and alcohol recovery service, with locations in Gillingham and Chatham.

Can refer in by phone or walk in - 0300 123 1560

First Floor, 55 Green Street

346a High Street

NELFT - North East London NHS Foundation Trust

The Medway Young Persons' Wellbeing Service provides emotional wellbeing and mental health advice and support for young people and their families across Medway

There is a self-referral form on line.

Their Phone Number is: 0300 300 1981


Falls Prevention Service

Patients who may benefit from our service include those with a history of:

·         falls or near misses

·         those who lack confidence

·         with balance and walking

·         people with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or previous fragility fracture, particularly those involving the hip, spine and/or wrist.


You can ring them and they will send a form out for completion - 01634 253611