Treat me well: simple adjustments make a big difference

Medway Clinical Commissioning Group is pleased to support a new campaign focusing on the treatment of people with learning disabilities.


Treat me well aims to transform how people with learning disabilities receive care in hospitals, by raising awareness and encouraging NHS staff to make small, reasonable adjustments to the way they work.

The campaign is run by Mencap, the charity which gives a voice to people with learning disabilities, and Medway CCG has already taken steps to begin briefing staff.

Sarah Vaux, Chief Nurse at Medway CCG, said: “This campaign is about highlighting the difficulties people with learning disabilities can face when receiving treatment, including the act of being heard. When anyone is in pain and in a different environment they can struggle to speak up or explain how they are feeling – this can be an even more overwhelming challenge for someone with learning difficulties.

“By introducing the Treat me well ethos across Medway, we aim to reeducate staff about the small adjustments that are needed to make a big difference to even more people’s lives.”

Find out more about Treat me well here.