Since September 2017 Medway CCG has introduced a single point of access for patients being referred for MSK conditions.  All referrals for Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Pain and Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) are now sent to the MSK Triage service where they will be clinically triaged within 48 hours of receipt of the referral.  You will be contacted by phone (a letter is sent after 2 phone attempts) to be informed of the outcome of triage and offered a choice of onward provider. 

Your details are then forwarded directly to your selected provider who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment date/time.  You should be contacted within 5 days of triage being completed (approximately 7 days after the GP visit if there are no delays in the referral being submitted to the triage service).  The only exception will be for peoples who are triaged into CAS; as there is only one provider you will be contacted post triage to arrange an appointment.

Referrals to the MSK Triage service should be made via E-Referrals (ERS).

When you are referred to the MSK Triage service by ERS you must activate the referral to enable your details to be visible to the MSK Triage service.  The 48 hour triage only applies from the point that the MSK Triage service receives the referral (and they can’t see the patient details on their list until both the referrer has attached the referral form and the patient has activated the referral so both parts of the process have to be completed before the triage can occur). 

Referrals that do not meet the criteria for the MSK Triage will be immediately onward referred to the most clinically appropriate service (e.g. connective tissue disease or confirmed fracture).

The MSK Triage service can be contacted by phone on 01634 333 999.