The Governing Body and Primary Care Commissioning Committee meetings of Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (Medway CCG) are open to the public and press. This guidance provides information about how these meetings work and how the public can get involved.


Name badges for each member are displayed on the table in front of the member to enable you to identify who is speaking at each meeting.

Agenda and papers

The agenda and papers for the meeting are available on the Wednesday before the meeting by visiting our website or by contacting the Corporate Services Team (details are set out below).

Upon request, copies of papers can also be available at the meeting but we would prefer that members of the public choose paperless solutions where possible.  However, if you wish to have a set of papers available for your use at the meeting please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least two working days before the meeting or telephone the Corporate Services Team on the number below.

Medway CCG recognises that sustainable development and carbon management are corporate responsibilities of the CCG.  It is important that the Governing Body leads by example in championing sustainability at the highest level.  Therefore, all our Governing Body and committee meetings are paperless, with members having access to papers via iPads or laptops.   Some items are confidential, for example, if they concern an individual. These items are dealt with in Part 2 of the meeting, and the CCG passes a resolution requiring members of the public and press to withdraw.

Member’s Interests

Medway CCG is required to maintain Registers of the Interests of:

  • Members (i.e. GP member practices);
  • Governing Body Members;
  • Members of its committees; and
  • Its employees

These are recorded in registers which are published on our website. Members are also required to state at the start of the meeting if they have an interest in the items to be discussed. Special rules set out in the Standing Orders of Medway CCG govern whether a Member who has declared an interest may take part in the discussion.  Our Standards of Business Conduct Policy gives more information on this and can be viewed on our website.

Additionally our Standing Orders are attached as Appendix C to our Constitution and this is also available on our website.

Questions from members of the public

A slot for comments or questions by members of the public is set aside at the start and the end of each meeting and there is an opportunity to ask questions or make comments on matters about Medway CCG. We would appreciate it if these questions could be tabled in advance with the Corporate Services Team (details below). You should be aware that it may not always be possible for an answer to be given immediately to questions raised. In these cases, written answers will be given within ten calendar days.

The agenda for each meeting allows 20 minutes for comments by members of the public, so we ask that questions are kept short and to the point to give all attendees the opportunity to raise questions. If you have a number of questions it may be better for you to discuss these with us directly using the details below, and if time is short, the Chair of the meeting may suggest that you contact the CCG separately.

If you do wish to speak, we would appreciate it if you could advise the Corporate Services Team three days before the meeting. You must direct your comments through the Chair. You may not take direct part in the debate.

If a large number of people attending the meeting wish to present a view on a particular item of the agenda, a representative should be nominated to present the views of the group.

An issue will not be deferred because members of the public cannot be present for the meeting.

If the Chair considers that the business of the meeting is being disrupted by members of the public, the Chair has power to require them to leave the meeting.


Members consider the items on the agenda in turn.  Each paper includes a recommendation as to what the Governing Body or committee should decide if the matter requires a decision to be made. For some items there may be a presentation whereas for others this may not be necessary.  The members may not actively discuss every item; this does not mean that the item has not received careful consideration but means that no-one wants to challenge the recommendations.  A formal vote will not be taken if there is a general consensus on a suggested course of action.


A record of the issues discussed and decisions taken at the meeting will be set out in the minutes, which the members will be asked to approve as a correct record at its next meeting.

Each meeting will be recorded and the recording used to ensure that the minutes are an accurate reflection of the discussions held and the actions agreed. You will be asked to sign at the beginning of the meeting to confirm that you consent to the recording, but if you do not wish to be recorded, please either inform a member of the Corporate Services Team in advance or on the day who will ensure your question is not recorded. The recordings are deleted from all CCG systems once the minutes have been typed up and approved.

The minutes as presented to the next meeting of the Governing Body or committee for approval are added to the website.

Contact details

For further information on attending meetings open to the public, please contact:

Corporate Services Team

NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group

50 Pembroke Court

Chatham Maritime

Chatham, Kent, ME4 4EL

Tel: 01634 335031

Or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or read the Attendance at CCG Public Meetings FAQs: 

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